I wish to see her immediately.

A heavy snow fell in Kyoto for the first time in ages.

She sat down and lit a cigarette.

Sridhar told Real he'd visit her in Boston every weekend.

That was an excellent meeting.

She is always cold-hearted.


Maglev trains require expensive infrastructure.

Ninja meant exactly what he said.

Eddy isn't busy either.

His mind was filled with happy thoughts.

I'll buy an iPhone instead.

"Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence."

Is your daughter blind?


The flood waters tumbled my house into the river.

We shouldn't have come.

That's not what I'm saying.

I've come to say goodbye.

This is the book that I told you about.

How many passengers are there?

Lucy will definitely get married to the pop singer.

Kemal left Edgar a note.

I noticed you didn't finish your dinner.


How many animals of each species were there on Moses' ark?

I invent stories by writing down whatever I think of.

She has a kid.


How much is it in dollars?

It's really wonderful seeing you again, Momoe.

He suggested I go with him to the party.

Torsten is stunningly good-looking.

My boyfriend discovered the erotic comics book that I had been hiding.

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Because of his habit of wasting money, he couldn't get married.

Why didn't you run away?

Disease is all too often one of the concomitants of poverty.

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Let's get it over with.

I feel honored to have known you.

I'll find her.

How many pictures do you need?

I wish I was wrong.

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I want to hear it from them.

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You can't let her win.

Dude, that really happened!

Living as he did in the remote countryside, he seldom came into town.

Up against the wall!

Al tried to sing the song Skip requested.


This kind of mistake is easy to overlook.

I think it's Maurice.

Do you think the jury will find Brandon guilty?


You're bloody well right.


I don't want Gigi to stay up late.

This doghouse was built by Mariou.

We have to find it.

I have high cholesterol.

I just don't want to hurt anyone.


The town developed into the center of the economy.

The table and the bed stood in their former places.

"Where is Raymond's house?" "I think it's the house with red balloons and the big sign that says "Happy Birthday Pim!""


There was jam in the electric outlet.


Different countries import many goods.

Corn... ah... is the plant containing edible portions.

I have an accountant to do that.

They prefer the shadows rather than the spotlight.

Erik can't go to the concert with you tonight.

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I'm sorry Mother.

I took Pia's temperature.

Last night, I went to bed without brushing my teeth.

He learned the news while reading the newspaper.

The little girl, deeply moved by the old man's pitiful story, burst into tears.


We must take measures to prevent traffic accidents.

We love each other.

I told you to stay indoors.


I knew you were going to ask that.

I'm exhausted after that long trip.

"Don't stop, Tony," said Linda.

She gave a diffuse answer.

Do you see Gordon anywhere?


This novel is by far more interesting than that one.

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We discovered relics of an ancient civilisation.

I hear you are still associating with him.

I've been doing what we came for.

We should always keep our promise.

High above the city stands the old castle.

How do you think I learned to speak English?

Phiroze Jackson is the deputy director.

You have lipstick on your teeth.

What's your favorite skin care product?

It has been a long time since we visited that city.

Let's remove harmful books from circulation. Starting first with the bibles that have spread all over the world.


Why do we need to find Dalton?


To the world has come a new idea.


I'll have to take you with me.

I hope there is a resolution of this problem.

Anything you can tell us would be helpful.


I ate some potato chips.

I forbid you to smoke.

You will find a hearty welcome here whenever you call.

Don't bug me.

I don't want to go to work today.

After all, Emmett was your father.

He seemed okay when I saw him.

My sister sang an English song at the party.

You still have a shot.

I haven't been reading any books or magazines lately.

I want to take a break.

It's almost new!

Don't forget to make an answer key.


I'm not going to wait to find out.

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She always got out of washing-up.

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I always keep an eye on Knute.


My camera's display is defective.

It is in the kitchen.

I think we have enough.


I don't like this.


Rajeev did well considering his age.

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I rented an apartment when I lived in Boston.


The bill is due on the 1st of next month.

I'm sorry I can't go with you.

My dad likes Lego Technic.


I thought you said Florian was stupid.

Oftentimes code will start to smell.

Be careful on your way back home.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

I live within spitting distance of the subway station.

He loves his girlfriend so much that he sees her every day.

Are you not going to eat?


I need you to back me up.

This room is just about big enough.

He needs discipline.


When Monty rented a car at the airport rental agency, he agreed to bring it back in seven days.


The ship went down slowly.

That's a tree.

She's insecure and has low self esteem.

She's one year older than me.

She has three kids.


I'm working for McDonald's.

The boy crushed the spider with his sandaled right foot.

I'll get there on my own.

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The new formula in physics describes humans as paradoxical beings who have two complementary aspects. They can show properties of Newtonian objects and also infinite fields of consciousness.

I will never smoke.

This is Professor Oak, the director of this experiment.

You don't have to say anything.

I'll get hold of you tomorrow and set up a time.

Tell me who did this to you.

Are we going to be able to finish this today?

Are you Ukrainian?

Marsh doesn't go fishing much now, but he used to a lot.

You'll be my son-in-law.

The secret service guards him against attack.

That'll no longer be necessary.

Music and art can greatly contribute to the enjoyment of life.

I still love this bicycle.

Sylvan said he wasn't injured.

"Prospects for repair?" "Prof. Shubaishen, the leader of the system development team, is presently unwell so we think it will take a while longer ..."

How many times have you gone?

You don't know anything about basketball, do you?

The back of Shyam's right hand was injured by a splinter of glass.

I realise the problem.

Why haven't you told Heinrich about what happened last night?

It is better to accomplish the smallest feat in the world, than to lay low for a half hour.

It can also be said this way.

She has two sons, I believe.

She was really upset at the time. She cried in the dorm the entire day.


It didn't take long for the news to get about- everyone's talking about it.